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Thread: FDA drug Czar, Dr. Robert Califf and lack of pain control....

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    FDA drug Czar, Dr. Robert Califf and lack of pain control....

    Obama appointed Dr. Robert Califf as the head of the FDA. Since then, all I hear from my pain management doctor (and pharmacist) is "I'm sorry I just can't prescribe the level of pain relief you need, I have my license to worry about".

    When I ask for further information from both Dr. and pharmacist, they all say the same thing: Since February of this year, this Dr. Califf has reassigned classes of drugs to levels that make caregivers afraid to prescribe, or pharmacists fill until the 30th day of your prescription because their licenses are threatened.

    I'm still in recovery, so I'm hoping to be better but typically I'm suffering at at least level 8, with nothing but 4 Norco per day to help me, some muscle relaxers and gabapentin. None of it is working and I've spent most of this week in tears. Christmas was a disaster and there was no joy in it for me.

    I called the FDA today, trying to write this individual who claims that "America is in epidemic" (which is partly true) but for the true chronic pain patient like me (3 spine surgeries), his policies are killing me and maybe affecting so many scoli sufferers here. There is some sort of bullet proof bubble around him where you CAN'T contact him. I am worried for other chronic pain patients (VA patients being the exception) who - if they don't get proper medication - could potentially feel like life isn't worth living. Although I wouldn't do that myself for the pain it would cause my small family, I won't say it hasn't crossed my mind in the middle of the night, alone and in real agony.

    I'll definitely be writing The Donald about twice a week from now til Jan 20th regarding the FDA appointment. As an add-on, I am researching, calling and trying to gather as much information as I can. I've been on the phone with 2 depts. of the FDA and am in the process of gathering more information about how a patients voice can be heard whether through the state DEA, or the federal area. There is a controlled substances act under the DEA for my state that I'm looking into next.

    I would really like to hear from anyone having similar problems in receiving the medication they need or being under medicated by their physicians or surgeons due to these restraints by the government. If so, I'll post any other results I find.

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