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No temperature, and definitely did not stop taking any pain meds. I sent a message in to my surgeons office, but it was five minutes to five, on Friday. I'm expecting a call from them Monday morning. They're good about returning calls. I sat on our couch earlier, instead of this new recliner we bought for when I came home after surgery. I felt almost weightless on that couch, no pain. It's like my bones were lined up perfectly or something.
Then I stood up after sitting there for 20 minutes or so, and just stood there with my arms out stretched, still no pain in that pelvic area. Walked a little ways, went to the bathroom, and BOOM... Sharp pain, horrible. I even took my pain meds an hour early, about an hour ago, and pain is still here. Super frustrated. I want to go take a shower so bad, but I'm hesitating because I'm not sure I'll be able to stand in there that long...

Linda, being that I'm a pretty thin guy, and that I'm having all this fluid drained still.. I would think there's some pretty raw tissue in there making contact to hardware for possibly the first time. Is that correct to assume that's where all this pain has suddenly come from? I would think I'd know if any hardware inside me has broken or moved or anything, right?

Maybe it's this recliner that's just putting me in bad alignment...? Maybe I'll not sit in it tomorrow and see if that changes anything..

I don't have a clue what's driving the pain.

With one exception, I can't recall a time when any of our patients had an implant surprise. (The one exception was someone who had a rod break, but who was fused. We've now begun to talk about the small amount of movement that goes on, even when there is solid fusion.) If something breaks or pulls out, the patient typically feels and/or hears the event.

Unless your couch is firm, it's typically not a great place to sit, as it allows a lot of slouching posture.