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Thread: Surgery Scheduled with Dr. Lenke in March - Not Sure the Timing is Right

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    Hi Ripley!
    I hope I can answer your questions!

    The only personal items I used in the hospital were my phone, phone charger, extension cord for the charger, brush, facial moisturizer and tooth brush. I had a robe packed and never used it. I stayed in hospital gowns the whole time - it was just easier that way. Also, I bought clothes to wear when we left the hospital. Make sure you bring really loose fitting clothes to wear when you leave. My stomach was quite bloated and the only thing I had that fit were my old faithful flannel sweatpants! Bring slip on shoes but also be sure those are loose, too. I had some swelling in my feet and the only comfortable shoes I could wear for a couple of days were my trusty slippers.

    My husband slept at the hotel the whole time I was in the hospital. I never felt a need for him to be with me overnight. The nurses are very attentive. Just make sure you have the call button accessible at all times! I had a semi-private room and the other bed was empty. They did offer to set it up for him to sleep on but I figured he'd sleep better at the hotel and I wanted him to be well-rested during the day. You will be woken throughout the night for vitals, meds and other reasons so it would've been hard for him to get any rest in the same room with me.

    My pain was managed incredibly well. I had one bad night in ICU after my PCA pump was removed but it was quickly dealt with. Except for that incident the pain was tolerable the whole time. After the PCA pump - they had me on oxycodone and ketamine drip. If I remember correctly I was told this was a new combo they were trying out. It was effective for me.

    We split the ride home because I did not feel I could manage to be in the car for 4.5 hrs. Not because of pain...just because it seemed too long a period of time to sit even with breaks every hour. By the time we got to the hotel that first day I was ready to lie down for a while. I probably could've endured the trip in one day with hourly breaks but it would've been tough. Plus, after being somewhat isolated in the hospital and hotel for 2 weeks it was pretty stressful to me being on the roads in NY and CT. Sensory overload and too many cars! Make sure you have pillows in your car for the ride home.

    Progress is going well. My pain is at a low level now and I am working on reducing pain meds. Can walk around the house unassisted but use a cane when I stroll the driveway or street/parking lots with friends. If I venture to the grocery store where there are crowds I'm still hesitant and continue to use my walker. I like the protection it affords me. Kind of builds a protective barrier around me! PT is going well and my left leg is getting stronger and stronger. Sleep is elusive some nights. It's hard to get comfortable when I tire of being on my back. Still trying to figure out the best type of chair to sit in....I don't think there is one. Make sure you have plenty of pillows available...I take one everywhere I go.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if there is anything else,

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    Thank you!!

    Hi Janice! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and for the great info! You sound really upbeat and I canít believe youíre going to the grocery store already - thatís seems like fantastic progress!

    I have a few more questions if you donít mindÖ

    In the information packet I was given it says they only provide 2 weeks of pain medication after release from the hospital. Is that right? If so, did you get a local pain management doctor, or your GP?

    How many days prior to your initial surgery date in March did they tell you about the date change? (Just wondering when I might be in the clear. It would be difficult to push it into the school year with kids.)

    How long did your surgery take?

    It really helps having someone to ask who has just been to the same hospital and doctor! Thanks so much, it is greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Ripley,
    Answers to your questions below. I am going to PM you with my phone # - feel free to text or call if it's easier that way when you have any questions

    Yes. They only provide 2 weeks of pain meds when you are discharged. When I had my pre-surgery clearance appt with my PCP she & I discussed pain management and I am currently working through her for pain meds.

    My March 20th date was moved when I was around 5 weeks out. I gathered a number of surgeries were postponed at that time because Dr Lenke had shoulder surgery and his surgeon thought he should give his shoulder a little more time to heal.

    My surgery was 8 hrs. Started at 8:30am. The OR nurse kept my husband informed via text and phone calls every 2 hours of the progress throughout the day.

    Just curious - Are you within driving distance of NY?


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