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Hi Lavenderdeer...

Sorry that you've got through that experience.

I haven't had my implants removed, but have known some folks who have. It's relatively rare that someone who has their implants removed has their curves return. At 3-1/2 yrs postop, your risk is probably really low. But, as you say, there's no guarantee.

I typically tell people to find a surgeon that they like, and then trust that the surgeon is going to choose the best procedure for you. Unfortunately, it sounds like you have no trust in your surgeon. Is it possible for you to go to another surgeon?

If you can't go to a different surgeon, I'm thinking the best thing you can do is to talk to your current surgeon, and try to get him to tell you why he thinks removing all of the implants is a better option than partial removal. Try to go in with an open mind. It's important to know and remember that surgeons have big egos. You don't want to piss off the person who has to take care of you!

Good luck.

I actually had all hardware removed twice. I had partial hardware put back in. It's been 20 years, no increase in curve. Just pain from a rare surgery called. A thoracoplasty which reduced my rib hump. Good luck.