I had a spinal fusion with correction for scoliosis May 2015. Six months later, in terrible terrible pain, my doctor suggested I might be allergic to the stainless steel since he now asks me if I am allergic to jewelry, which I am. I did not know they were going to use stainless steel, which contains 'nickel', the culprit for being allergic to jewelry.

I had a revision surgery Jan 2016 to switch out the rods to titanium.........but now 7 months post op, I am still in excruciating pain. I am petrified that I may be allergic to the titanium that was used to replace the stainless steel.

My surgeon said I would never survive without my implants, due to the large amount of it in me. He said my spine, even after the fusions were healed, let's say a year or more.......he said my spine would not be able to support me without the implants.........but can I live with this pain? I would love to hear if there is anyone out there with any similar situation. I cannot find much online. Thanks, Carol