Hi All,
Yet again I have developed sciatica of the left leg this time. I knew in January that I pulled something from the low spine doing a squat movement. I felt a strong pull from the center of my body. Then it got sore to sit or walk in the back of my leg. Then my foot went numb. It can be aggravated by going up hill or steps.
I didn't know if it was a spine problem so I made an appointment in June and hip X-rays were taken. No problems showed up in the hip. That was the good news. I did a session of PT to stretch the hamstring but it kept making it worse. I tried ice,rest behavior modifications and the heat. The doctor that checked the hip said he thought it was coming from the spine.
I had an appointment with the spine surgeon last week. Since there are new symptoms that were not there last year I thought he should check. After listening to me he immediately said your spine is fused so it shouldn't be that.
However he did some in office tests that indicates that there is nerve infringement down my leg and a positive sign for sciatica. Then he got much more involved.
He said I needed an MRI of the sciatic nerve and a small muscle coming off the L4-S2 called the periformis. He believes that it is impinging on the nerve.
Has anyone heard of this in relation to sciatica? Could that be what I felt pull when I did a deep squat? All of the changes I've made aren't helping. The only thing that helps is to lay down. Then the numbness lessens. Sitting is impossible .
I am still healing from the muscle transfer to my scapula so I have been not as active as I had been.
Has anyone dealt with this? Any info will be appreciated.