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    Hey Everyone!

    Wow, didn't even knew forums like this existed. My name is Benedicte and Iím 21.
    I have severe scoliosis and have since 1998 had 3 unsuccessful scoliosis surgeries. In my case it has always been one step forward and two steps backwards. In 2004 I contacted a doctor in Toronto, at this point I didn't believe that anything could be done for me, but I wrote to him in a desperate attempt to get a 2nd opinion on my scoliosis. And about 2 month later I received an answer from him, saying that he definitely believed that a so-called: "spinal osteotomy" could help me! This answer was more positive then I ever had imagined, and it is still hard for me to believe. To me it's just totally amazing.

    And even though these doctors wasn't able to offer me treatment, I'm very thankful for their response, cause' now when I know that more can be done for me, I have gotten the strength to keep going.

    Now I "only" need a doctor who specializes in osteotomies

    I'm ready to travel any where in the world to get to a specialist!

    Do any of you know who is considered to be the best with this in the US??!

    I really hope that anyone can help me!

    Thank you.

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    Mary Lou Guest

    I don't know who is the best doctor in the world for adult scoliosis, but my 13 y.o. daughter had surgery for both Kyhosis and Scoliosis three months ago and her doctor did osteotomies on her. I had never heard of the procedure until he said that was what he was going to do on her and then while she was in the hospital recovering, I received my first copy of "Backtalk" (Scoliosis newsletter) and there was an article on osteotomies! It was great to see exactly what they did to my daughter.

    If you want me to try and send you the article, send me a private message and I'll e-mail it to you. Any questions, let me know and I'll try to answer them for you.

    Mary Lou

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    Hi Benedicte...

    Neat name!

    Having scoliosis revision surgery without insurance coverage is going to be a very expensive proposition. Following are the names that I hear most often in terms of doctors who treat prior scoliosis fusions:

    Oheneba Boachie (NY)

    Frank Rand (Boston)

    Keith Bridwell (St. Louis)

    Mike LaGrone (Amarillo, TX)

    David Bradford, Serena Hu, & Sigurd Berven (San Francisco)


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