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Thread: new surgery to correct shoulder balance

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    new surgery to correct shoulder balance


    I have been fused from T3 to T10 on the beginning of this year.
    A good correction was achieved but shoulder imbalance was aggravated.

    I have talked with another ortho MD who told me I should have been fused from T2 instead of T3 to correct shoulder imbalance.
    What do you guys think about the possibility of losing one more level above T3 of my spine and possibly one or two under T10 to get shoulder balance?

    Did anyone got revision surgery to correct shoulder imbalance? If so, how apart were the surgeries? And, was it worth it?

    It really does bother me this new greater imbalance. Before surgery I could compensate the imbalance with the mobility of my spine that I have now lost. And it does cause pain on my job because I have to be all day on a desk working with a mouse with this imbalance. Shoulder specialist have told me that the imbalance may be the root of pain and is certainly the root of discomfort on my new posture on activities that require shoulder symmetry,e.g. holding a book, typing on pc, etc

    Thanks in advance.
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