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Thread: Dr's appointments? carrying X-rays? tip!

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    Thumbs up Dr's appointments? carrying X-rays? tip!

    After seeing me hauling my X-ray, bone scan, and MRI films around, one of my friends bought me an artist's portfolio. It's heavy duty purple cardboard (my favorite color) and has nice wide nylon webbing handles. It makes life soooo much easier! I think she got it at the University bookstore, but I imagine an art supply would have them, also.

    I like to think that now, instead of looking sick, I look chic
    Age: 30
    Pre-surgery: upper curve 44 (and kyphosis), lower curve 45
    Post-surgery: under 20, both curves (doesn't even qualify as scoliosis anymore )

    surgery: August 29, 2005
    fusion T5-L3
    Surgeon - Dr. Ted Wagner at University of Washington (Seattle)

    Scar getting to the point where people either don't notice it or think it is from something much less serious!

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    Thanks!! Great idea! I never thought of it. It will certainly make life easier

    Upper curve around 55
    Lower curve around 35

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