Hey All, I had a life changing experience after waking up from lumbar fusion surgery back in 1998. I was screaming in pain, and it took the acute pain management people over 30 minutes to stabalize me. There is no doubt from post op problems that there had to have been nerve damage during the surgery, but that is not why I am posting. I am considering the complete scoliosis/kyphosis correction surgery, from the base of my neck to the sacrum. I know there will be a lot of pain when I wake up. I contacted the hospital, and asked if I could consult with the acute PM team, so they would know my history, extraordinary tolerance to pain meds, etc... I met a lot of resistance, and was told they don't see patients until the morning of the procedure. That is not good enough for me. I was told they take the current dose of opiates you are using at the time of surgery, add a bit more, and wake you up. Then, they "assess your pain level and adjust appropriately". I asked if I got an appointment with the out patient PM program, whether they would coordinate with the acute PM people so as to have a game plan in place well before the surgery. I was told they don't have anything to do with each other(!) I won't go through what happened in 1998, but no person should ever have to endure that amount of pain. So, I am asking folks who have had the procedure how their preparations went. Did you meet with the PM team that would be taking care of you right after surgery well beforehand, or just on the morning of your surgery? I find it hard to believe the acute and OP PM programs have no contact with each other. I wanted to see the OP PM people anyway, to see if the pain generators caused by my 1998 surgery could be isolated, and thus remedied during the scoliosis procedure. I want this to be my last back surgery, and need all my ducks in a row before I do it. Your experiences with the anasthesia/PM people prior to surgery would be invaluable to me. Thanks In Advance, RJM