I had my fourth Scoliosis surgery in January at UC Davis in Sacramento with Dr. Rolando Roberto. It was a revision for Scoliosis flatback which had developed under my present fusions. I was fused from T3 to the Sacrum with pelvic fixation and new instrumentation placed from T10 down. It was done all from the posterior. I did tell the surgeon that if he needed to open me up in the front (anterior) as well that was fine with me, but he said the posterior approach was fine.

Anyway, I suffered a major complication called "Foot Drop" or "Drop Foot." I've had many surgeries, but for the first time afterwards when they were poking my feet and asking if I could feel this or that, I had to reply that no, I could not feet parts of my left foot. The last three months have been a nightmare! My left foot is basically paralyzed and I can't walk on my own anymore. The nerve pain in my feet and leg is indescribable. I was told that the nerves had been "stretched" and that it would take a long time to recover and no promises. I live alone and I won't even go into how difficult it's been for me. I was in rehab for a month.

I've had a complete spinal MRI and X rays, and no overt nerve cuts could be seen. Does anyone have any experience with Scoliosis surgery and foot drop? I read somewhere that it could be caused from a pedicle screw being placed into a nerve? Please, if anyone knows anything about what I should do, write in. My ability to ever walk on my own again is at stake.

Thank you!