Please ... someone join Scoliosis warriors and comment on this latest post

Scolismart are offering the activity suit to skeletally mature adults but ONLY if you belong to the facebook group. Since Clayton Stitzel has set up the group and uses it as a platform for promoting his rubbish- he has full control over who stays and who goes. he is on the cusp of banning me and I am on under a pseudonym as having been banned once before for asking why none of the Scoliosis Research bodies support his claims.

Note he says 'the data supports it' - challenge him for what data - where? If he has evidence and studies then he should not be opposed to providing it. Pooka1 have you got time to have a go.

People will pay for this and when it does not work he will say ... well there are no guarantees etc.... We owe it to the scoliosis community to reign him in.

Guys we need to stop this- hundreds of people are being misled by his nonsense.