I am 10 years post op my second scoliosis surgery. First was T4-L4 in 1969. Last was T3-Sacrum with Illiac Screws, etc. in 2006. Ever since day 6 which was the first time I sat up, I have had pain when sitting. I actually have pain sitting, standing for more than a few minutes, and walking. I only get relief when in bed with pillow under knees.

I've tried SI joint injections, PT, and pills. Not sure what other options I have. Seems to worsen over the years, plus I am loosing muscle strength in my legs.

I would appreciate any suggestions or questions I can ask my doctor which I will be seeing the end of April. He is a Physical -Rehab doctor specializing in spine & hip problems. I see my new ortho doc next year, Dr, Guypta who replaced Dr. Lenke.

Please let me know. Thank you.