Hello everyone.
Just came across this website recently. I have some questions and hoping for some advice.
I had surgery in 1999 (Harrington rods) in Vancouver, BC. I was in grade 7. Afterwards I didn't really pay attention to my body until I got a
bit older. Other people would notice my body misalignment straight after surgery and comment/look but I just thought they knew I had surgery so they
were just looking at me!! Long story short - my hips are completely asymmetric. I (and other people) did not notice my scoliosis via the naked eye pre-surgery. It's actually quite extreme. My right hip is huge and sticks out, while there's no shape on my left. My ribs are asymmetric - that doesn't bother me. My body misalignment also actually causes pain because I'm always leaning to one side - my posture is not good. So I've googled and googled, and I think I have "trunk shift." Is this something that can be fixed? I don't know how I feel about surgery at my age (I'm now 29), makes me cringe, though I've gone through my life so far avoiding beaches and hiding under baggy clothes