I am having a very difficult time with my right arm. I really thought we had the answer last summer when the surgeon did the partial removal of my shoulder blade. But I started having a nerve problem in October. I have had numerous tests and scans that do not show the problem. The shoulder dropped again and the shoulder blade is winging out. If you are not familiar with scapula winging it is when the scapula lifts off of the back and sticks out perpendicular. It causes extreme weaknesses in your shoulder movement. So you can't lift, push or pull. So you basically can't use your arm.
I have completed 3MRI's one ultrasound an EMG and nothing unusual shows up. We have checked the brain, the muscles and nerves and for ALS. Nothing shows up as being the reason. Or as the neurological said , if we just read the test results, we would think nothing is wrong. However if we look at the patient it is obvious that there is a major problem. So is this were you give up and just accept it as it is. Is this were you turn yourself into a left handed person because you can not use your right one.
I have been told it will be extensive persistent PT to try to recover it. I just finished PT in November so it winged off in December. I don't think starting over is going to fix it. Do you just give up and accept it as the way things go. I have been to the spine, shoulder, neurological and upper extremity specialist and no answer.2say PT and 2 say not until we figure out what the problem is. You just have to wonder about who is right.
Sorry about this post but it is so frustrating.