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Thread: Sensitivity to instumentation

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    Quote Originally Posted by tae_tap View Post
    Has anyone had a reaction to the rods and screws. If so how did you go about discovering it?

    I had a deep wound infection caused by hardware. It basically disintegrated in my spine. I had all hardware removed when it was discovered.


    Felt like I had the flu
    Weight loss
    Big bump full of pus on my scar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ldwc View Post
    Hi, This is my first post on here. I had surgery Oct. 2017 T4 - S1. Sixteen months later I am still having a lot of discomfort. All of my test show that nothing is loose or broken. My back muscles feel like they are hitting the hardware as well as the L4-S1 area. I am considering removing the hardware due to feeling this is causing my pain. The surgeon I found to remove them says that the screw is 1 cm to the Aorta and that is a concern to him. Did you have any screws location concerns?
    I was never told about bad placement. When they took my illiacs out, I was told the screw was shakey in me. It had causes metalosis.

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