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    Question An Introduction

    My name is Don; ("Donald" was for my Mom and is for the IRS). I'm 66 years of age, single and unattached; generally in good health; semi-retired; live in the East-Central Pennsylvania where I was born (but have done my share of exploring in between).

    In the summer of 1959 when I turned 10, my parents noticed a lump on my upper back, which turned out to be a shoulder blade. Four months later, just after Christmas, I went into a head-to-knees body cast, where I would remain for eight weeks, and a fusion of six vertebrae in the thoracic region was performed nine days later.

    For the next fifty years, it was all progress. To cite one example, I learned to ride a bicycle, something which had eluded me up until then. And when Penn State dictated that I would learn to swim, I pulled that off as well (though it took almost three times as long as is normally the case) and developed a life sport and overcame a lot of shyness in the process.

    But life is full of suprises, and about three years ago, I began to experience slight discomfort in my left hip (my left leg is very slightly longer, but considerably thicker and heavier than my right) and a suggested transfer to a role with less walking, but more standing in place, only aggravated things, and considerably. An inquiry at Geisinger M C, in Danville, PA, where the original surgery was performed, led to some new X-rays, and more than a bit of a shock. While the original fusion was holding up just fine, thanks, a couple of vertebrae in the lower back were kinking. (My family has a hereditary tendency to "shrink" in later life).

    I eventually returned to work in another capacity, and the pain abated; I transferred to an order-picking job and felt no discomfort until the working day was lengthened in anticipation of this year's annual Holiday rush -- and that in the region of the right calf and ankle instead of the left hip.

    Insurance issues had discouraged me from pursuing the issue this year, but I have an upcoming appointment. Surgery has been mentioned, but since it has been described as "a difficulty of eight, on a scale from one to ten", I'm more than a little wary. I intend to keep the forum posted, and would appreciate any input.

    But given the first fifty years of near-perfect service, I have to admit that I probably don't have that much to "beef" about.
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