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Thread: Having fusion to the sacrum January 7th

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    I just saw this and wanted to chime in that when my surgery was done, it was written on the books, pre-authorized and claimed as "Lumbar segmental instrumentation with extra segments" (10 'extra').

    Segmental instrumentation seems to be a generic insurance related term for any type of spinal fusion, scoliosis and non-scoliosis.

    That said, it is unnerving your surgeon refused to explain in such manner.

    One of the reason I went with my current surgeon for my fusion was because talking to him was like talking to a peer. There's no question I can't ask for fear of ruffling feathers. Some appoints we just end up talking about totally random stuff -- like what to do about unwanted wild life in his back yard. (Came to a conclusion bow and arrow is a no-go due to yardage issues between his house and his neighbors') His office manager once quipped to me that she doesn't know why he's spending so much time with everyone when he had a procedure schedule in the OR that afternoon.

    Previous surgeon I saw actually said when he finally felt I needed surgery was "I've been doing this for twenty years and did not paralyze one person." with a smug look on his face. I hadn't asked if he paralyzed anyone but that phrase unnerved me and I dropped him immediately. I had seen him for 8 years for monitoring prior to that moment. He also scoffed at my comments at the same appointment when he asked if anyone had shown me my MRIs. I started saying, no not really but I have the CDs and.... Never got to explain that I have professional experience reading scans because he scoffed and cut me off, while explaining to me I have small thin pedicles. The very information I was about to ask whether or not will affect surgical course.

    You have to be be as comfortable possible with your surgeon. You can't just think about the surgery, but also about how the relationship will be for post-op care. If it's this hard to get him to answer questions for the "BIG ticket item", how accessible will he be for post-op questions that he can't submit an insurance claim for?
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    i would reccommend asking a different doctor at uc davis.
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    You have to be comfortable with your surgeon

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