Well I am finally having fusion to the sacrum surgery on January 7th at UC Davis in Sacramento. My surgeon is Dr. Rolando Roberto. He's an interesting surgeon in that he does not have a God-complex like the other surgeons I consulted, and he is willing to work with his patients as to the different ways of doing surgery, which I appreciate. For instance, I have requested no BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein). Instead, he will take bone from my illiac crest. He may also use cadaver bone. Of course I will pay for this with increased hip pain, but after research I decided I was not comfortable with the BMP. I am not putting BMP down, I know it is excellent for fusing; this was just a personal decision. He is also doing a posterior-only approach, which I appreciate. I did tell him to do anterior if necessary, but he says that as he doesn't have to open the disc spaces that much (my flatback is not that bad) that he is comfortable doing posterior-only. This was a great relief to me.

I've put this off for four years but at this point I can honestly say I am ready for it. I am tired of living in pain and want to go on with my life. I wish everyone here the very best.