In June I had my trapped shoulder blade fixed. Removing a part of it got it past the deformed rib. Now I am havng nerve pain down my right arm when I turn my head to the is extreme if I am laying on my stomach. I mean cross your eyes extreme, if I turn my head to the right. I do not usually lay like that but we are trying to recover my shoulder. The shoulder surgeon said it isn't from my shoulder and sent me back to the spine doctor. A medrol pack helped for a week but it all came back.
So I went to the spine doctor this week and he did some tests and told me I have muscle wasting in my lower arm and hand. His exact words were " I hope this is coming from the cervical and not the shoulder blade resection" My cervical is already fused c4 to c7. . I have an MRI on Thursday to check the next lower level. He called it c8.
It seems that fixing one thing leads to the next problem.