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Thread: Scoliosis and fatigue

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    Scoliosis and fatigue

    Hey, all!
    Look, I was wondering if fatigue is common occurence with scoliosis? I attend some language courses and I must carry 2 books. Overall it feels like a burden. And sometimes I feel like I'm about to fall. Probably I have quite bad balance issues. To give you a scale, one of those books is probably smth like half a kilo I think. 7 years ago I could carry way more than that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Delta107 View Post
    I was wondering if fatigue is common occurence with scoliosis?
    Yes and no. I would say its common. There are many reasons why fatigue fact, the list doesn’t seem to end....Go ahead and look it up.

    I struggled with fatigue after my surgeries for some reason, for many reasons, don’t really know why, and now at my age its hard to decipher with the ageing process.....

    When I was younger while carrying items, I would try to transfer the weight back and forth from left to right and so forth. Two books, one in each hand balances out the weight. A backpack will help out. Many of us do have balance issues.

    Your English is good!

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    Your curve is fairly large, so it could have something to do with your pulmonary function. I know it may feel like sort of giving in to your disability, but a rolling backpack would probably be helpful.

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    I also found that struggling with. balance can wear you out.
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    Hi Delta! I don't know if this suggestion would help you or not, but thought I'd throw it out there in case. I used one of these for about six years at my job at a school, and had my passenger van seat out of the way and it would go in that spot. Or it could go on the seat. I would put my bag/purse/school stuff in it and then when I got to school I could just ease it down to the ground ok (fairly durable) and wheel it across the parking lot and sidewalk and to my office. Then while sitting down I could easily take the items out. The crate collapses to practically nothing and can hold a ton-- you can read the product details. Best wishes, as I know how frustrating that is. I remember how disappointed I was when I could no longer take a 9x13 glass pan with dessert to work because it was too heavy...

    PS- other companies make these, I'm sure. This is just what I had. (smile)

    Went to amazon and found these others:
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    Thank you for your replies!
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