I would like to ask that for all those of us with faith to say a prayer for the continued success and God's love toward a certain surgeon (and your own). He is truly a great man and has not only been my medical advisor but a friend as well - Dr. Purnendo Gupta. There is no emergency or issue, it's just that after today's consult it has occurred to me that there are great men and women in this field of orthopedic spine surgery that are under appreciated. Some just want to operate and get it over with, then they are done. Others are truly interested in our past, present and future success as people, not just patients. He is one of the later.

I'm sure many of you have the same type of surgeon - they need our prayers, support and thanks for their God-given skills, expensive educations, and dedication.

Thanks so much for reading and praying, and I hope all of us walking this path have the same moments of clarity and appreciation of their doctors as I did today.

Love to all and stay strong - this life is but a moment. Some of us fare better than others now, but eternity with perfect bodies await those who have faith in God.

Much love!