Well, I had an MRI of my neck and Dr. Gupta's nurse called me and said Dr. Gupta saw some serious stenosis in my neck and wants to see me. It doesn't surprise me that he saw something he didn't like, because the pain has been off the charts!!! I was wondering if anyone has any input on Dr. Gupta? I did
read about him on his web site. Pretty impressive credentials.(sp?). I have terrible numbness in my feet and up my calves . It really burns and is awful feeling. And on the upper thoracic right at T/4 I have a lot
of pain and pressure, it feels like the screw is too deep. My neck is swelled all the time and the pain radiates down my shoulder and down my arm only to my elbow. It causes terrible pain to the point allI can do is go to bed.
I tried physical therapy, but it didn't help and one session made it worse.
Well, enough of that. Just curious about Dr. Gupta, and hoping someone can help me out. Bye for now, boomer(Linda)