I used this forum and got great help five years ago with one of my twin daughters. We are back with the other twin who also turned out to be infected by the same bacteria. She went to several docs with fever, sweats, chills, and more and more back pain. No one listened to her and her sister's fears. They discovered the sinus tract infection on her back this summer and she almost wasn't seen by doc due to the secretary not believing she needed to really be seen. She actively had to push for an appt. Labs were high for inflammation they had been up previously but docs said no problem no worries.. This was same doc she and her sister had. Had surgery. Hardware removed. Had to be readmitted for blood transfusion. Operating Notes according to other department heads showed little blood loss. Hard to say what actually happened. Since the transfusion she has been better but back is worse than before. The incision site is suppossedly okay but has had yellow green drainage lots of little opening like holes, crysts alongside incision, scabs that open and close. Family relatives with med background says at least looks like topical infection. Ortho docs says no. Lab work looks really good they want her off the antibiotics. She and sister are concerned that there still is lingering infection. They both eat healthy and live healthy. What to do with their concerns and fears?