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Thread: Well, I have come to the conclusion.....

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    Well, I have come to the conclusion.....

    That you cannot add a photo to your profile. I have searched every part of this forum in order to do so, but the forum administrator apparently doesn't allow it. Oh well, just wanted to get to know everyone a little better by showing a pic of ME.......

    I have contacted the forum administrator to ask why this is. It would be nice to see pics of who you're talking to, if they choose to upload a photo....
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    XLIF/Posterior Surgery 6/16/08. Fused T10-L5 in CA by Dr. Michael Kropf (don't go there unless it's simple, I hear he's at Cedar's now). Very deformed, had revision w/5 PSO's, rods from T-3 to sacrum including iliac screws, all posterior, 5/23/16 with Dr. Purnendu Gupta of Chicago.

    Owner of Chachi the Chihuahua, So Cal born and bred, now a resident of 'Chicagoland' Illinois. Uh, dislike it here....thank God there was ONE excellent spine surgeon in this area.

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    You know... i have a vague memory of that being allowed before in prior versions of forum ( software wise).
    30 something y.o.

    2003 - T45, L???
    2005 - T50, L31
    bunch of measurements between...

    2011 - T60, L32
    2013 - T68, L?

    Posterior Fusion Sept 2014 -- T3 - L3
    Post - op curve ~35

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