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Thread: Scared but scheduled for T4-pelvis Fusion Oct 2015

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    I would avoid squatting this early. If you have to kneel down but no twisting getting up. You can really pull on that lower fusion. It is too early for you to pull on that.
    T10-pelvis fusion 12/08
    Fractured t-9 six days out of surgery
    C5,6,7 fusion 9/10
    PJK at t-9
    T2--T10 fusion 2/11
    Removal of left side t6-t10. 8/14
    C 4-5 fusion 11/14
    Right scapulectomy 6/15
    Right pectoralis major muscle transfer to scapula
    To replace the action of Serratus Anterior muscle 3/16

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    A call or note to your surgeon's office will give you the answer. You'd hate to follow advice, no matter how well-meaning, from someone other than your surgeon who is familiar with your back for something as important as this!

    Glad to hear how well you're doing. Take it easy and keep up the good work!
    Gayle, age 50
    Oct 2010 fusion T8-sacrum w/ pelvic fixation
    Feb 2012 lumbar revision for broken rods @ L2-3-4
    Sept 2015 major lumbar A/P revision for broken rods @ L5-S1

    mom of Leah, 15 y/o, Diagnosed '08 with 26* T JIS (age 6)
    2010 VBS Dr Luhmann Shriners St Louis
    2017 curves stable/skeletely mature

    also mom of Torrey, 12 y/o son, 16* T, stable

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