Hi! I actually posted a long time ago, but wanted to post again for other opinions as well. I am supposed to have surgery in the next couple of years. Ever since I had my son, my scoliosis is progressing. I have a double curve, 32 in the top and 43 in the middle. My doctor said I would be fused from L3-T3. I am a personal trainer and have had to work so hard to maintain a flat stomach. Because I have a squished torso, I have to hold my stomach in to maintain a flat look. I have heard so many stories of people have a permanent stomach protrusion after surgery. Basically, they say that those stomach sticks out and is no longer flat... Kind of like a little pooch. I don't know if this is from increased Lordosis or what. I really don't want another problem after fixing scoliosis. Any comments are appreciated!!!!