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    Post Op Stomach

    Hi! I actually posted a long time ago, but wanted to post again for other opinions as well. I am supposed to have surgery in the next couple of years. Ever since I had my son, my scoliosis is progressing. I have a double curve, 32 in the top and 43 in the middle. My doctor said I would be fused from L3-T3. I am a personal trainer and have had to work so hard to maintain a flat stomach. Because I have a squished torso, I have to hold my stomach in to maintain a flat look. I have heard so many stories of people have a permanent stomach protrusion after surgery. Basically, they say that those stomach sticks out and is no longer flat... Kind of like a little pooch. I don't know if this is from increased Lordosis or what. I really don't want another problem after fixing scoliosis. Any comments are appreciated!!!!

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    Some people lose their flat tummy because of an increase in lordosis. Some people who have anterior surgery get ventral wall hernias that cause the tummy to stick out in one spot. Lastly, some people get temporary swelling that can last awhile, but eventually goes down.
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