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Thread: ? MRI...are they allowed after fusion?

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    Spinal X Rays from the back

    I'm finding more and more that I have to really advocate for myself in regard to X rays and radiation. I actually purchased my own breast shield as many X ray places don't have one. Yes, they can shade out the breast area on the machine, but I like to be doubly safe and also wear a shield. I, too, had dozens of full spinal X rays - maybe even a hundred - done as a child in the 1970's. I recently had a debate with an X ray tech who did not want to honor my request that the X ray be done from the back. She was older, and experienced, yet she had never heard of this. Finally, after trying to bully me into doing it from the front, she went off to get the house radiologist. When I explained to him that the Scoliosis research society recommended they be done from the front, he immediately agreed. But...he had never heard of this either. I find this disturbing as this facility does many young girls with Scoliosis.
    1st surgery: Fused T1-L3 in 1987 with contoured Harrington Rods. Rods broke at top.
    2nd surgery: Re-done two weeks later; fused C7-L3. Left in chronic pain.
    3rd surgery: Hardware removal 1997, but still pain for 30 years.
    4th Surgery: Fused to the sacrum in 2016. Came out of surgery with left foot paralysis. (Drop Foot) Can't walk on my own.
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    Smart, very smart.

    And FYI older women often have their thyroid shields ignored (or sloppily handled) by dentist Xray techs. Thyroid cancer is a lot more common than many are aware, especially over time.
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