Hi all,

It has been years since I have visited this site. I had my surgery 8+ years ago and I am doing great with my back. I have a couple of questions that I am having a hard time finding good answers to, can anyone help me.

1. I have Stainless Steel rods from T3 to L4 am I allowed to get an MRI on my breast? I thought the surgeon had said MRI's are OK but they may have feedback so maybe not clear. I will have my OBGYN check with my surgeon at the next appointment I am just looking for an idea.

2. When I was a child having all the scoliosis x-rays from 76 to 81, what are the chances that shields were used on my breasts? I do not remember ever having them covered. I do remember the DR's telling my parents I had more x-rays done than anyone should have in a lifetime but who knows why that was said. How dangerous were x-rays during that time?

I am trying to see my risk % for breast cancer, I have a bad family history of it with 2 sisters and my mother,(mother and 1 sister passed away from BC and the other sister had Mammo and US all clear, no lump that they could feel, but had has yearly MRI's and they found the cancer then) I also have dense breast, and I am worried about all the x-rays as a child. Recent Mammo and US are not showing lumps that my Dr and others can clearly feel, and we need to decide what to do. Do i wait and see, attempt a MRI, or get a surgical biopsy? I really don't want another surgery and am hoping they can do the MRI.

Thanks for your thoughts on the MRI and X-rays.