On Monday I will have my hopefully last revision surgery. It is an unusual fix to needing a thoracoplasty. Every doctor has decided that would be a very risky surgery. But my right scapula is trapped on my ribs 3,4,5. With ribs 3 and 4 being too far apart. So the team of doctors at the University of Chicago have come up with a different approach. I will have a scapulectomy and muscle reconstruction. I understand from the surgeon that he will remove as much of the scapula that he can and reattach the necessary muscles. Hopefully it will free the shoulder blade for normal movement but there is no promise that the shoulder will recover proper position. I will have no movement in my right arm for 6 weeks and then PT to try to recover the normal shoulder movement. The surgeon said he has only did this operation one other time. I like him a lot as he is real friendly and is very well recommended. At least he came up with a solution. He worked with their scoliosis specialist and this is what they came up with.