Hey everybody...

I'm having some neck pain, similar to pre-op even tho Doc said it'll get better once my thoracic back muscles settle down, and I know it's magnified by how much I need to lay flat on my back. I'm a little freaked out though, because I'm feeling tightness, and strange sensations right in the middle of my back I'd say by T-8? I feel it mostly when I put my shoulder blades together. Is it some numbness wearing off? Is there any way I knocked something loose by all the wiggling I'm doing to get comfortable? I called the P.A. No reply yet.

On the positive side, I'm walking nearly a mile a day at a decent pace, and running around in the pool, which feels AMAZING. Sitting is getting a little better too...honestly the neck is more bothersome than the back, and even the pelvic anchors have settled down, just a little nerve pain when I get up. I go back July 2 but I'm really a little scared about this new feeling, I'm praying its just muscles waking up. Any thoughts?


ps my boobs are SO much smaller and my belly sticks out a little but I also lost 24 pounds.