Hi all, greetings to all my friends! I am directing this toward Linda R.. But it also would be good to hear from anyone that may have had any of the same problems . I am having an awful time with my neck. As you can see from my signature, I am fused up to T/4. Then from that spot on up to under my occipital bone in the back of my neck it is very painful. I can't lean my head back to look up anymore. The pain also radiates over to my shoulders. There's also a big bump at the top of my spine above T/4 about four inches. Has anyone had to go back in and have surgery to fuse farther up. I don't feel like I can hold my neck up anymore. It feels like it wants to fall forward. I have pain in my lower back too. But I know that's the iliac bolts! I hate this feeling that my chin is hitting my chest. It isn't really a feeling. When I lean my head back
sitting in a chair, it happens. I accepted that after five major back surgeries,I will be living with chronic pain. Just need some opinions and feedback on this neck thing. One more thing that bothers me
at T/4, it feels like the screw is way to far in. There is a big dent there. It's uncomfortable. I just want to loosen the screw for relief! Linda, if you see this, I would love your input. I am grateful to be standing up, but like I said, pain will always be an issue. Bye for now! Linda