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Just to help maybe clear something up: I got a letter from Wash U informing me that Dr. Lenke is leaving, and giving me the number to reach him at Columbia. They also gave me the option of continuing my care with Wash U as well, along with those numbers. The letter was sent in early March. After that, or maybe along with it I don't recall, Wash U sent me a medical authorization to transfer all my records to Columbia.

Not sure if there was a specific reason I got the letter as opposed to others, but I did get a letter. I did not have a surgery scheduled, and had just seen Dr. Lenke the previous month for the first time if that matters.
Kudos to Wash U for being honest and allowing you to make the decision based on all the facts. Very different from when Dr. Betz left Shriners (see my post above). They also did not automatically send me the forms to transfer my son's medical records. I had to request it.