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Thread: More research on POC5 gene

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    More research on POC5 gene

    Here's a url to an article about further research on the POC5 gene:

    The research is from Moldovan Univ in Montreal and was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation

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    Great post Aterry!
    In Spain people were commenting this article
    'Curiously,* the protein is strongly expressed in the brain, within very precise structures in the midbrain. This leads the research team to believe that there is an association between the brain and idiopathic scoliosis.'
    It seems that time ago Spain researchers have found a correlation between IS and a soft kind of dystonia and now companies from Spain, German and French created the StimulAIS Project in order to do a device controling the deep rotator paraspinal muscles

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    Apparently researchers also found a genetic explanation (copy number) for congenital scoliosis in the Han Chinese population...
    Sharon, mother of identical twin girls with scoliosis

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    I think there is IS (unknown origin) and neuromuscular. I was classified in the IS group until I was diagnosed with dystonia and muscle disease. I think there are more dystonia patients out there like me. They see uneven shoulders and chalk it up to the scoliosis without looking at the musculature. Although, they did do an EMG study on my left arm when I was 16. I remember some very fine needles around my shoulder area, but they didn't get into my neck where all the pain was. They were looking for nerve damage instead of tight muscles that compressed those nerves. I was relaxed and put in a position where I was not in pain. They just missed it... They needed to look and my upper traps and neck more.
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