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Thread: Grabber brand?

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    Grabber brand?

    What brand of grabbers do people recommend? What about a sock helper? Is thatbwhatbpeople mean when they say a "dressing aid?"

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    I do not know about brand names for grabbers. I have many in my home. Just make sure that it is long enough for you to get what it is you want to grab without Bending.

    As I am fused from C2 to my sacrum, I have a sock helper. I dont know if you will need one. They are easy enough to get. Even our local Walmart carries them.

    What a dressing aid or stick is , it is a dowel with a hook on one side and another type of hook on the other. I find that really helps to get dressed

    Good luck

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    I have used MANY different grabbers, and broken many, in my opinion you definitely get what you pay for. The Ettore Grip and Grab is the best by far, there is a hardware store in my town that sells them and you can also find them on Amazon, they run about $25. I have 6 of them....they hang on hooks in every room in my house and I keep one in my car. They are strong and pick up pretty much anything. They are a Godsend.
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    I completely agree that the Ettore brand is the best. Lowe's in our area has a good price on them.

    The 36" is $17.98

    Did you have your surgery yet?
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    That's good to know! Mine are Carex & they keep breaking. I just ordered 2 cheap folding ones on ebay to carry in my bag for the Y or to take into the grocery. I don't have high hopes for how long they'll last! My husband uses a super long one when he's on his tractor. I will check out your recommendation.
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    Hi, everyone -

    Just weighing in here - my grabbers (all three of them) are Sammons Preston Rolyan, two of which are model # 4107, which is a 32" reacher. I use one about a thousand times per day, and have had no problems picking up the tiniest pieces of paper, leaves, etc., plus some heavy stuff that I shouldn't be picking up at all, probably (heavy pairs of jeans and even a full small trashcan once that had tipped over). They have a little magnetic piece on the end, so a paperclip or small non-heavy metal objects will stick to it without really having to "grab" it. I've used the one in my bedroom the most, and I keep the other in the kitchen because the bedroom and kitchen are the two rooms I occupy the most. I've had no trouble with breakage or any problems with either of them whatsoever. I would be lost without them. One was included in the $50+ "bag of tricks" I purchased from my doctor's office, which included the sock aid, tongs, dressing stick, and a sponge on a stick for bathing. I ordered the second one from Amazon for all of $12.

    A couple of weeks ago, in anticipation of going back to work, I ordered another reacher of the same brand that is a 26" but it is foldable, so this one I can take to work with me and it will fit inside my purse. I may need it in the car, too, in case I drop cash/coins/credit card in a drive through or something. It was $16.75 and is model #4108. I haven't had any need for it yet, so I don't know how durable it will be, but I've been using the one in the bedroom dozens of times per day since I came home in November and have had no problems with breakage or anything. I would highly recommend this brand.

    Good luck to you!! (smiley)


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