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Thread: I Need PSO surgery info please. anyone had this?

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    I Need PSO surgery info please. anyone had this?

    Pedicle subtraction osteomy. Very complicated. Long recovery. Trying to decide on two different surgery options. I need to hear someone who actually had this surgery. Thanks.

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    I work in a spine center where hundreds of complex surgeries are done every year. When I had surgery 4 years ago, I also had the option of PSO vs SPO. As much experience as I have, I couldn't possibly know as much about these procedures as the surgeons. I told them they should do what they thought was going to give me the best possibility of a good outcome. My advice to you would be to do the same. If you're the one to decide to have a PSO, and you have a bad outcome, you'll always wonder if it was because you made a decision based on weak anecdotal evidence.

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