I am 56 yrs. old. Very active. I had a fusion in 1979 with the Harrington rod, in a body cast for 10 months. Did well till 3 yrs. ago. 2014 was bad. Lots of pain. Went to the Southeastern Spine Institute in Mount Pleasant, SC. I have flat back syndrome. My bottom vertabre's are messed up bad. I have seen 2 of the team so far. They both agree that before we consider the pedicle subtraction osteotomy, that I may be a good candidate for the lesser of the 2 evil surgeries. Instead of a 14 hour surgery, this is a 8 hour one. Going thru the front and a little thru the back not much though. I have a 15 degree hunched over thing going. Doctor said the PSO surgery was very complicated. Major blood loss. He said my damage and pain is coming from the lower back beneath the rod. SO they would repair that only. He said I may still need the PSO later, but because it was so complicated why not take a chance with this. I will lose my job with the PSO and a year off from work. That is a key factor also. also insurance is thru my job and I will have to pay for that for who knows how long. I am leaning towards maybe going with the lesser surgery. He said that after the repair has been made , I may get enough pain relief that I may be able to stand up straighter. Any advice from others who have had this or the PSO surgery done?