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Thread: Headaches/Migraines

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    Does anyone here get really bad headaches or migraines? Do you think this could be caused by scoliosis? I have had the absolute worst headache for about 48 hours now. It was the worst last night. I took 2 Relpax, which didn't help, then 3 advil, which didn't work, so I took one more. Can headaches be caused by knots or anything else? Thanks.


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    I get headaches when I have a lot of spasaming in my shoulder and neck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by blairf83
    I get headaches when I have a lot of spasaming in my shoulder and neck...
    Me too - or when I spend too much time bent over, like reading in my lap or on a table, or using the sewing machine. Imitrex and two Excedrin usually get rid of it in an hour or two.
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