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Thread: Side Planks

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    Robot, is great to know about people doing the side plank. If I would have scoliosis I would be doing it and also proving with some variations. Certainly I was thinking to provoke scoliosis in myself with this only one side plank.. I know it not seems to be a good idea although if it works, doing it then in the other side, scoliosis should to be reversed. I would want to prove also with other exercises I think would be the perfect complement.
    Here you may talk with some professionals I think that nobody has enough knowledge to deduce the best way to do it, otherwise, this exercise would have been developed before this study.

    Rkochis, do you know that Dr. Fishman recomended other yoga exercise for S curves? (I'm not finding now the link) .. anyway the study seems to have be done only with the side plank, so it seems we don't know about evidence with any other kind of exercise, then is logic to try with it.
    Certainly I'm not sure if some important things are really clear. I think there is a discussion about which is the weak side. http://w
    The majority of studies have focused on the musculature as the origin of this loading asymmetry. 'Electromyographic measurements have demonstrated differences in muscle activity between the convex and concave sides of the spine. Muscle biopsies additionally find a significantly lower percentage of Type I fibers in the multifidus muscle on the concave side, particularly at the curve apex and also in the superficial muscles above and below the apex.' It seems that the concave is the weakest side, there should not to be any discussion. Anyway I don’t know what muscles are strengthened by this exercise.

    I think I have not much imagination, otherwise I should have to imagine that an exercise like this, should to be good. Gravity force (seen in a plane) applied to a curve may be descomposed as 2 forces: one vertical and the other horizontal. The first pulling down the trunk, is supported by hips which in turn are supported by legs (including feet). But what is resisting that horizontal force, absent in a normal spine?. It seems to be a fact that a certain exercise provide a very much significant strength, only to do that certain exercise, not other activity. If you swim all the day, you would have a strong body to swim but not to run. Side Plank clearly activates muscles toward the opposite direction of that horizontal force, so it would be the exercise needed to fight against that force.

    I thought that having heavy weight over the shoulders would be good to resist gravity force, but it only would be good to resists in a direct way the vertical, not the horizontal force (of course the worst) as Side Plank seems to do.
    Certainly we have a 3 dimensional body so muscles fighting against rotation also would need to be activated.. probably Side Plank also activate them.. if not, Torso Rotation Machine could be an option.. who knows?
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