After yesterday's multiple tests & dr appts in St. Louis, my date for surgery has been confirmed! Yikes!

T-3 through S1 with Dr. Buchowski. Dr. Lenke made the referral, after reviewing my MRI. I like Dr. Buchowski and I'm confident he'll make as much improvement, as possible.

We're renting an apartment across from the hospital (Metrolofts) and I'm working on household organization. Our daughters live nearby. My husband's mobility is limited, but he assures me he's ready.

Friends have asked what they can do while we're gone. Any ideas? Is there something you wished you'd asked for - esp those who traveled out of state? We have house cleaners set up and a big freezer for food. My typical answer is prayers & positive thoughts.

I love this forum. I found it a little over a year ago. The information has been soooooo helpful! I know I'll have your support during this journey, so 'thank you', ahead of time!