Hi Everyone,

I had a very successful surgery with Dr. Lenke in 2010 (T9 to sacrum with iliac fixation) with no complications. However, in the past couple of months, the leftmost 3 toes of my left foot have gone completely numb. I've experimented with anti-inflammatory meds like Aleve, but I don't think that they make much of a difference. It also seems that activity level does not make much of a difference. Recently, I've also started to have pain over my left iliac screw/bolt and pain in the back of my left leg.

I called Dr. Lenke's office and his nurse told me that Dr. Lenke's advice was to see a neurologist. I have an appointment scheduled with a physiatrist (a specialist at nerve testing, I guess). But I couldn't get an appointment until mid October.

Truth be told, I'm scared. Has anyone else had this experience? If I am experiencing impingement of some nerves, how long is too long to wait to get it relieved? At what point would nerve damage become irreversible?

Thanks everyone!