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Thread: Study on Effectiveness of Bracing and Exercise

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    Study on Effectiveness of Bracing and Exercise

    Here's a recently published abstract: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2014, 15:263. The study looked at whether exercise increases the effectiveness of bracing. The conclusion: "Combining bracing with exercise according to SOSORT criteria shows better results than the current literature."

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    Sometimes it makes us feel good to do "something". Exercise, if done properly, never hurts a person. If a brace can be tolerated and the combination effective for some people it's worth a try. We don't know if our kids are in the "some people" category. I've said before that my DIL had been braced from a fairly young age. She wavered as to whether or not she would do it again. In hindsight, she said she would not because she ended up having surgery anyway. But, at the time, she felt she was trying. Although, she said it crushed her self-esteem, which still scars her. That is something to be taken into consideration when bracing a child. If you see them withdrawn and isolating themselves from their peers because of the therapy, is it worth trying to continue because there "might" be success? How do you rate success? Is it a stable spine on a person with low self-esteem, or one who may have had surgery but has good self-esteem? For my poor DIL, she suffered the low self-esteem AND the surgery. She's finally coming out of her shell in her mid-twenties. My point isn't to argue a therapy or not. It is to look at all aspects of the outcome of the total person.
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