Monday morning bright and early I received a telephone message from Dana--Dr. Arlet's PA and assistant...

She stated that Dr. Arlet was not going to perform my surgery. She said "it is too expensive" and that I "would probably not make it off the table". She further said something to the effect that Dr. Arlet had a reputation to uphold.

She said I could go to another surgeon if I wanted to but they would only make me sign a DNR to perform the surgery.

She would not/could not give me a specific reason for this other than my age and the intricate/complex surgery that would take ten hours.

I call placed to my GP--the one thing that every doctor has to say about me medically is the high quality of my health. Other than this scoliosis issue and some hernias (probably from the 2010 hernia repair, etc.), I do not have any problems. My bones are normal, my heart is normal, etc--I take HRT and thyroid meds and now pain meds along with multiple vitamins--nothing else. I carry Allegra and an Epipen.

If you know of a surgeon who operates on the 70's-age-with a curve of 70 in 2012, please reply.

Thank you