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Thread: Avoiding scoliosis revision surgery

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    Alternative to fusion to the sacrum

    Well I have finally found my surgical alternative to being fused to the sacrum. It is a temporary alternative, but it will last several years hopefully. I will post more info later.



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    Whelp....I have to make the best of it.

    My disc at L5/S1 is a goner, along with progressive scoli and kyphosis that makes me look like an old woman. I don't have a choice in regard to fusion to the sacrum.

    I'm so sorry you're feeling bitter. Wow - I know that feeling so well. "If I had just done this instead" "If I had just picked another doctor".....and on and on. Bitterness will eat me up so I try not to go there but I do relate to your feelings and they are valid.

    I don't WANT to go to the sacrum, that's why I didn't do it in the first place, but I should have. I hear good and bad but most of being fused to the sacrum is just damn difficult and I am thinking it's how you approach things that will make the difference. (Someone please tell me a good attitude is critical!)

    I can't walk far, nor straighten my legs whatsoever. I can't stand longer than 3/4 mins without pain. If I don't get fused to the sacrum, I'm in a wheelchair, and I don't want that.

    I know it's going to be hard to adjust but the trade off is I'll be straight and able to walk. I had forgotton about difficulty in wiping (there simply has be be a way to do it for pete's sake), but I don't care what I look like getting up from the floor, just as long as I can do it. Perhaps if I were 25 it would bother me more but the thought of strolling a mall again, eventually, sounds pretty good to me. I'll start working on squats now

    I just can't figure out what "rolling in and out of bed" means!! ha ha!
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    Susan, your physical therapist in the hospital will teach you to logroll. It is basically to sit at the edge of the bed (and gauge how far your head needs for room to go to the pillow), use your hand as a brace as your head goes toward your pillow and your legs and feet go to the other end. You are now on your side. Then you just roll onto your back. Easy peasy. It's very simple after your try it a few times. To get up you just do the reverse. The main thing is that you don't want to bend your body and this does the trick. Actually, I think some doctors have you learn how to do it in advance so you won't be having to learn just after the surgery.
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