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Thread: HSS experience

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    HSS experience

    I have a thoracic-lumbar curve. About 40 degrees in lumbar. I had surgery with Dr.Lebl for an XLIF and then posterior Pedical screws at apex of scoliosis. Was told during surgery at the one level, L2-L3 scoliosis corrected to about 28 degrees. My per-op pain is gone but I had a terrible experience in the hospital. Amongst other problems, the day after surgery the physical therapy tried to have me get down in bed myself by extending the right arm and XLIF was on right side. I said twice it was too painful. The PT did not listen nor did she look up from where she was squatting on the floor. Rather she picked up my feet and knocked me over in bed. The PT did not position herself in such a way to support my torso. It was a nightmare. I screamed bloody murder. It felt like I was being stabbed and the nurses came running. Had I not had an IV pain pump I am sure I would have gone into shock. They got me on my back and my legs quivered-perhaps convulsed is the right word-for a couple minutes in an uncontrollable way. It was traumatic and frightening. The pain was unbearable and unbelievable. I was told I would be able to sit at 4 weeks but it is still very painful. I will be at 4 weeks in 2 more days. The hospital did not offer any advice and the PA at docs office does not have advice except theses surgeries often still are painful , or she said go see your pain management doctor. Thing is I felt my tissues rip and I am really concerned with internal scar tissue formation. I do not want more narcotics which is the only thing the office gives post op. They make me nauseous. There was lots about the hospital care that was substandard including me freezing the night of my surgery and the nurse not knowing the room had a thermostat. I was literally shivering. Finally a different nurse came in, felt my cold body and turned up the heat. The next day the nurse manager tried to tell me all the heat goes down at night and she called the maintenance guys who told the nurse manager that the room had a thermostat. So be extra careful if you go to this hospital. Try to have a family member with you 24-7. Do not let the PT work with you without a second nurse or family member to supervise so you do not get hurt like I did. I waited 30-45 minutes for pain meds also a couple times.

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    Although I must say that my surgeon was the best, my hospital experience at HSS was good with the exception of post surgery on the 6th floor. Without getting into details I too would suggest a private room and to have a family member stay with you.

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    I don't have personal experience with the hospital, but living in New York City, it doesn't seem to me that HSS enjoys the same reputation it once had. I hope it's not on the decline.
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    I am so sorry these terrible things happened to you in the hospital. I hope, when you are able, that you will consider calling the hospital and finding out who your physical therapist was who did this, and complain. This will help the next person.
    Likewise a letter to the Director of Nursing. They will defend themselves, but at least you will have put in a complaint and maybe it might help the next person.
    I'm afraid these experiences you had are all too common in hospitals. The lack of pain control is egregious and is the direct fault of the surgeon, since you are their patient, unless you had a pain doctor assigned to you in house and then it's his fault. Also the nurses fault for making you wait. Seems things have not changed over the years and nurses are still torturing patients by not bringing meds. If it was their mother or sister or whatever screaming in pain you can bet they would have found the time to bring it to you.

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