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Thread: Sex After Fusion to the Sacrum

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    Ed, How do start a thread? The L5-S1 level doesn't give much trouble. I decided to have surgery to fix the non-union in my lower thoracic spine. That is what gives me all the trouble. My Dr. recommends that I have the L5-S1 level fused as the disc is herniated. He predicts this level will continue to get worse. so I should fuse it now. instead of having two surgeries. So I'm trying to decide if I should do it now or later.

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    New thread...

    I'm definitely not Ed, but I can help you get started with beginning a new thread... You go to the main forum page (click on forum) and it will show you all the subcategories. Then you find the one you want to post in. I'm assuming it will be in the Adult Patients, surgical (revision) one, since you are adding on. So you click on that. Up at the top of the page, in bold, it says Forum: Surgical Revision. Just above that there is a blue oval with white writing that says "+post new thread". You just need to click on that and you can begin your new thread. Hope that helps.
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    Linda's survey

    I see this thread is older, but am interested in what you found out. I am looking at having a fusion to the sacrum below my original T3-L3 fusion and that is a concern of mine, right up there next to being able to do my toenails and shaving my legs in the shower...

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    Quote Originally Posted by titaniumed View Post
    Back to Austin Powers....

    Q. Sex?
    A. Yes......

    I look at some of the old stuff sometimes and just fall off my chair....LOL

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    It can be done.
    I have been having sex since 2011 with being fused C2 - Sacrum

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    I had this concern too. Fused T3-Sacrum a year ago. We still haven't quite figured it out completely, but we are working on it! Lol. I'd be happy to answer any questions privately. Basically, it can be done, you just have to make some changes. For me, it's not the same as before in terms of preferred positions, but that's it. Same thing for shaving in the shower! As for the toenails....perfect lifetime excuse to get pedicures!!!! Definitely contact me.
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    Here's a PDF of the results.

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