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    I had an appointment last year with an orthopedist but back then I haven't asked anything about surgery. But that's beside the point.

    I've been reading the forums and I've seen these extraordinary sums - 100k$ for surgery. The way I understand it, that is the norm in the US. I guess they overprice things. So, I'm not interested about prices in US. What about fusion surgery outside US? And no I don't have insurance. I mean I have sort of a state insurance but the health care in my country(Moldova/Romania, citizen of both, eligible for both health care systems) is crappy. Basically the doctor said something like- go to Western Europe for surgery. Do you know anything about pricing in Europe? Basically I guess(anyway I don't know) the surgeons would have to fuse quite a lot considering that I have ~70+ degrees of thoracolumbar curvature. Are you all from US? If so do you know of any European forums where I could talk about this? Well I intend to have another appointment very soon. I guess that another x-ray is in order to check the progression. Thanks!

    Do you know what exactly drives the cost high- is it the recovery care, the instrumentation(all the rods are actually patented, right?) or the surgeon fees?

    EDIT:well, there are some xrays in the signature, I hope these could clarify the situation a bit.
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