Hi all,

Quite a few of us here had our surgery with Dr. Boachie, and I found out today that he's retiring in October of this year. In January, he's going back to Ghana (his homeland) to work full-time for FOCOS, the charitable organization he founded that provides scoliosis surgery to needy patients there. The letter I received didn't mention anything about who is taking over his practice. I think he's in his mid-60s now, so this isn't really surprising, but it's kind of a weird feeling to know he won't be around.

I know there was controversy about how he didn't take insurance, and his staff was a bit prickly, and he was not a warm and fuzzy guy, but he did an excellent job on my spine. I hope I won't need any more surgery, but if I do, I doubt I'll find someone I would trust as much.

Are there any other Boachie patients here who might know what will happen in his practice? I know he had a few surgeons he was training.....