Btw, my GI specialist backed off on the Cronkite Canada Syndrone.

My GI is well or let's say under control.

I am certain that it was caused by the trauma of the spinal surgery and the prolonged sedation I was under due to precautions taken after the dural leak. I was in the hospital 11 days too long and psychologically affected. I had a shoulder replacement and was to spend one night but as soon as I woke up the next morning, I was freaking out demanding to my daughters to get me released when I was not really ready.

Finding a physician that has the time to listen is something of the past. Most doctors have to pay back their loans, their malpractice insurance, etc specially in places of high demand and competition.

And, don't move because establishing a new relationships take time. You need to win the receptionist i.e. the one answering the phone and the nurse before you can get to the doctor.

I am sure that not ever needing medical care is the best.